How ritualist hold you captive in modern days



In these modern days so many ritualist have gone out in search for quick way to money, they no longer use kidnapping method but, what they do is that they digitize there method by making it very simple and easy to trap human with good heart.


The story goes this way;Someone would Intensionally send an airtime to you, and would Quickly call u telling you that he or she mistakely sent an airtime into your inbox and pleading with you not to touch it he wants to send it to his old man.


Then some for like 10 minute later if you refuse to touch the card he would call u back appreciating you for not using the card he sent to your inbox ., and he would say his old man wants to talk with you and pray for you.

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After you may have agreed, he will quickly give the phone to the old man and the. The man will begin by sayin”God bless you my son, u shall be great in life, you will never lack of any good thing in life, blessing you and praying for u at the same time ringing a bell while in that process .


please at these point you jst have be careful, what ever word of prophecy he says to you, you shouldnt say an amen to the prayers or reply him but you can only remain silent and if you don’t, they would immediately establish a contact with you by draining the vital part of your body spiritually.

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After making the Call, you may find your self been struck by an illness immediately , the victim would be rushed to the hospital and they hospital the victim is been admitted will never have an idea about his type of illness, the victim will die in the few minutes with out knowing the cause of the victims death.

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Please try your best to be alert at this time because the enemies are moving about trying to seek who to devour.


Please you could only save lives by helping to share to your relative, brothers and sisters


and anybody you care for by sharing these post to them To save there lives too God bless you.

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