Time to ditch WhatsApp and Houseparty? Google just made a huge change to your video calls


GOOGLE has rolled out a colossal change to its video chat application, Google Duo, that promises to dramatically boost the video quality – even when making calls on sluggish home internet connections. Coupled with a number of new features added to the app, it could be time to drop WhatsApp, Houseparty or Zoom in favour of the Google messaging service.

If you’re one of the millions now relying on video call apps to keep in touch with school-friends, colleagues, and family while practising good social distancing, Google is poised to launch an important new update to its FaceTime video chat rival, Google Duo, that could make it the best betfor your next call (and that’s regardless of WhatsApp doubling the maximum number of people in a video call on iPhone and Android).


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