Which Other Nigerian Artiste Apart From Spensive Can Beat Chest To Say “I Blew Up As An Independent Artiste”?


    The way the Nigerian music industry is wired, it’s not an easy thing to blow up as an independent artiste.

    Many of the A-lists artistes you see today got blown under a sponsor or a record label deal which they will later abandon when everything is going well for them, a very good example is  the mavin records lots of artiste being signed under the label have gone separate ways, won’t mention names but they know them self’s.

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    Taking a deep look at the music industry today, I have come to discover that Spensive is that one artiste who blew up without a record label or a sponsor.

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    Even Krisskillz had to sign under All Black Records to blow before setting up.

    If you know any other celebrity artiste today that blew up as an independent artiste apart from Spensive, I challenge you to mention the name.

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    Apart From Spensive, Which Other Nigerian Artiste Blew Up As An Independent Artiste?

    I will be in the comment section

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