Headwrap and turban trend


Head wrap/turban trend has taken a new turn in the fashion industry.

Back in the days,the trend was only popular in some parts of the world but,today,many fashionistas have embraced it.

Headwrap/turban can be used for different occasions or event depending on your outfit. You can rock it with a casual wear,native wears or dresses.

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Turban goes with a pair of jean,a blazer and a pair of heels or sneakers.

You can also wear it with an everyday office look(a suit or cooperate outfit).

It can also be worn with a beautiful dress for red carpet,cocktail,dinner or a date.

Wearing a headwrap for a wedding looks totally amazing. It gives you that classy look and enhances your outfit.

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Turbans can be worn casually with either a normal gown or a pair of jean and t- shirt.

You can use different fabrics to make or tie turbans/headwraps. It could be chiffon, silk, cotton or linen. Denims are also used for turbans.

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Ankara,plain materials or floral materials can be used to achieve whatever look you desire.

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