What is your fashion personality?


A fashion personality is the innately unique character within each one of us that is expressed through certain style choices.

everyone has a fashion personality which makes them unique.

Ideally,your fashion personality will coincide with both your tastes and preferences and your lifestyle.

Most times,we find it difficult choosing items that fits our wardrobes. If you often end up purchasing items that don’t go well with the rest of your wardrobe,it might be because you are confused about your fashion personality.

Benefits of knowing your fashion personality

  • Being able to project a consistent image of your personality.
  • Feeling more comfortable in your clothing
    • Being able to express yourself and your identity through your clothing.
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The four main fashion personality

Everyone’s personality is different and unique. Your fashion personality might not be the same as the people around you.


The classic fashion personality can be described in three words: timeless and elegant. Women with a classic fashion personality prefer timeless fashion designs – tailored trousers,semi – fitted jackets. A classic handbag collection will include designer items that never go out of style. Your jewellery will tend to contain sparkly items,pearls,and even diamonds.

The classic colour palette contains mostly neutrals such as whites,greys,browns,navy and black.


The natural or relaxed fashion personality can be described as sporty,minimalist,and casual. Comfort is the number one priority for this fashion personality. Your looks tend to be more casual and easy – going. You mostly wear jeans,t – shirts and sweats in different fabrics.

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When it comes to handbags,you lay more importance on usefulness than looks. Your jewellery collection will mostly reveal very basic and minimal items.

Your colour palette contains lots of neutrals like white,grey,olive green,denim blue and black.


The expressive fashion personality is best summed up as unconventional,i individualist and eccentric.

You prefer commanding,flamboyant and exciting looks, and you don’t hold back in your clothing. Fashion is a way of expressing your dramatic personality. Your wardrobe is likely filled with different colours,textures,and prints.

Your colours are nothing but saturated,bold,and standout colours from bright yellow to hot pink.

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The feminine fashion personality can be described as lady – like,detail – oriented,elegant,and soft coloured.

You prefer a soft appearance and muted colours. Your clothing choices are pretty and you love small,feminine details such as bows,ruffles,pleats and lace. You choose handbags in cute designs and with small details. You love short heels and ballet flats.

Your colour palette contains mostly muted colours such as dusty pink,blues and greens,browns and whites.

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