Men’s fashion:Some rules all men should learn


There are enough rules in life as it is. some,however,are there to help. Like that governs how to dress well. These ‘rules’ tend to be founded in history. They’ve worked for generations, so might well be assumed to work well today too. But,it is so obvious they’re often overlooked. A preference for good fit,high quality,versatility,and good value.

There are certainly many other rules out there than are presented here. Some of these you may have discovered for yourself.

wear a suit well

The key to a suit looking good is fit. If you’re buying off – the – peg,focus on the fit across the shoulders and waist. Choose a classy suit that makes you look good. Remember, its the way you wear it,not the label inside that impresses.

Invest wisely in a watch

“A watch is like a piece of art”. Choose it because you love it,not because of the price tag. Watches are personal. It marks your passage through time.

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A watch should fit you. It should feel comfortable and be right in terms of size and depth relative to your wrist.

Dont shy way from colours

Most men are unjustly scared of indulging in colours. They’re intimidated by anything that isn’t navy or grey.

When it comes to colours,less is still more. You just need a bit of it.

Look after your appearance

Its the kind of advice your mother might offer,but,if you’ve invested money and thought in your clothing,look after it. Use hangers for shirts and shoe trees for your shoes. Have your suit dry,cleaned,and pressed. Wash your clothes regularly. Polish your shoes too. Brush your hair and cut your nails.

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Spend money on shoes

Timelessness is about simple design and all the more so with shoes. The colour,pattern, the sole. You don’t want it fussy. Anything fussy may look good now but will look strange very quickly. Go for classic styles that would last for a long period.

Minimize your accessories

Accessories like ties and pocket squares bring individuality to classic clothing,but,be careful how you use them. Its best to harmonise them with what you’re wearing by picking out a colour or two.

When it comes to curating shirt and tie combinations,wear your tie or pocket square in a darker shade than your jacket. Don’t overdo the accessories.

Know yourself

Whatever you are wearing,you have to own it.

Genuine style icons are those who go their own way with a self – confidence that comes from their clothes being a second skin,not a costume.

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Dont skimp on glasses

Make the choice of spectacles especially the ones that fits the shape of your face.

Dress for the setting

Style is not merely about self expression. Its also about being dressed appropriately for your environment.

You need the right combination to work with the setting you’re in and that’s whether its a formal dinner or a casual outing. You don’t want to look out of place.

Know when to break the rules

Know when to adhere to dress codes such as black tie and know when to break them. Some are there for a reason,typically because the occasion demands it.

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