TeeClef Is Getting Ready To Release a Five Song Extended Play


    TeeClef is planning to release a new EP next month. In fact, he is sure that he would drop the EP, just that he does not know the specific date.

    The artist was telling Clout TV about his upcoming work which he calls Explicate Of Love. TeeClef said the EP is titled so because he wanted to express his freedom and sensual feeling about love.

    So, I’m planning on dropping a project sometime in June – the date to be announced soon,” He said in the interview.

    “But a lot has gone into the project – like almost three years. Since around – the release of – ‘Last Card’ I’ve been working on the project. I’m really excited about it and it has some great features.”

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    Apparently, in the new tape, there would be something for everyone, but most importantly, the 5-track project would reflect his true artistry.

    “The title of the project is Explicate Of Love and it’s to express like being free; like ‘freedom,’ Loved Etc.. and all that. It’s just to say, you know, regardless of the pressure that most artists face and all that, this project was created out of a liberty of creativity. Like I’m not trying to match or compete with anyone. It’s a very interesting sound to hear, and it’s something I want people to listen to while they’re driving or chilling, not when you’re trying to… It’s not made for you to go to the club necessarily. It’s a chill song, it’s TeeClef Yo.”

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    However, the artist will likely change the total songs on the EP.

    “It’s five songs at the moment. It’s in post-production, it’s almost ready. There’s a lot of international feel to it. It’s not something only Nigerians can appreciate. Ghanaians can also enjoy it; Americans all that, so yeah.”

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